Fine art books, prints and collectors’ editions

Jacqueline Poncelet
Jacqueline Poncelet

The first trade monograph on London- and South Wales-based mixed-media artist Jacqueline Poncelet (b. 1947, Liège, Belgium), surveying fifty years of the artist’s practice exploring material, shape, form and pattern in urban and rural contexts.

Tyler Hobbs

Tyler Hobbs’ debut monograph is one of the first to focus on the work of a generative artist. Order/Disorder contextualises Hobbs’ ground-breaking art from 2018–2023 and includes works from his 2023 solo exhibitions at Unit, London, and Pace, New York.

Gilbert & George
Dark Shadow

Gilbert & George created Dark Shadow in 1974 as a ‘living sculpture book’, featuring original text and artwork by the pair. Hurtwood’s limited new edition celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

Tang Shuo
Shadows of Boulder Hill

Shadows of Boulder Hill presents Tang Shuo’s powerful paintings of his childhood experiences in rural China, documenting his concurrent solo exhibitions at Fabienne Levy’s galleries in Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland.

Ptolemy Mann
Thread Painting

The first monograph on British artist Ptolemy Mann is a celebration of her unique weaving and painting practice and extraordinary use of colour.

Ptolemy Mann
Thread Painting & Indian Odyssey print collection

An exclusive offer on Thread Painting and the Indian Odyssey collection of four prints as featured in the book.

Marguerite Horner

The first publication on British artist Marguerite Horner presents her monochromatic, radiant and accomplished paintings inspired by a trip to Beachwood Canyon, California, and produced in 2023.

Sean Palfrey

Palfrey shares his beautiful images and stories of the many people and places he has encountered around the world in his work and travels over the past forty-five years.

Freya Douglas-Morris
This star I give to you

The first publication on the work of London-based artist Freya Douglas-Morris documents her first solo exhibition with Alexander Berggruen, New York, in autumn 2023.

Walead Beshty
Addenda to a Sequence of Appearances

A carefully curated guide to key bodies of work by Walead Beshty presented in collaboration with Thomas Dane Gallery in London, Turin and Naples.

Jai Chuhan
Small Paintings

Small Paintings presents the gestural, intimate and hauntingly beautiful paintings by Indian-born British artist Jai Chuhan from her solo exhibition at Qrystal Partners, London.

Lotus Laurie Kang
In Cascades

In Cascades is Canadian artist Lotus Laurie Kang’s first book, delving into the political and emotional forces at play in her installations and photography.

Stacey Gillian Abe
Shrub-let of Old Ayivu

Ugandan painter explores ideas of shared memory, matrilineal inheritance and feminine power in her striking indigo-skinned figures.

Katherine Preston
Inn of the Few

A tale of the White Hart Inn, which became home to the brave fighter pilots of WWII.

Gilbert & George
The Paradisical Pictures

In this special edition, writer, novelist and cultural commentator Michael Bracewell explores the paradise behind THE PARADISICAL PICTURES.

Gilbert & George
The Meaning of the Earth

A retrospective on the work and lives of the relentlessly controversial artists Gilbert & George.

Yoyo Munk

A meditation on emergent technologies, nature and architecture amidst the climate crisis with contributions from celebrated writers, academics and thinkers.

Joe Lycett

A riot of colour, texture and literal rubbish, Joe Lycett’s first artist’s book reassesses bins.

Nikita Gale

Made in collaboration with Chisenhale Gallery, IN A DREAM YOU CLIMB THE STAIRS delves into Nikita Gale’s visionary art and myriad references.

David Kynaston
Banker & Philanthropist: A Portrait of Anthony de Rothschild

David Kynaston tells the fascinating story of Anthony de Rothschild (1887–1961), the man who influenced modern history.

Rachel Jones
Say Cheeeeese

Say Cheeeeese is the first book by British painter Rachel Jones featuring her explosive new works and an original, collectable insert.

Danie Ferreira
Out in the Cold

Danie Ferreira’s extraordinary photographs and stories from his expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic over 30 years are collected for the first time in Out in the Cold.

Leticia Valverdes
Dear Ana

Dear Ana is a lyrical manifestation, expressed through photography and poetic text, of Leticia Valverdes’ award-winning project documenting the artist’s journey back to her grandmother’s motherland, Portugal.

Nick Liddell
You Are a Fish

You Are a Fish by brand strategist Nick Liddell teaches you everything you need to know about how to make a brand great.

Julia Peyton-Jones
Pia’s World

A beautiful book of drawings by Julia Peyton-Jones depicting her life with her three-year-old daughter at a time when the world was in turmoil.

Yulia Iosilzon

An exclusive print by Yulia Iosilzon produced in partnership with Sapling Gallery.

Royal Academicians
Varnishing Day: A Moment in Time

A single collective artwork featuring the work of 100 Royal Academicians documenting the artists’ experiences of Varnishing Day in 2020.


Gilbert & George
New Normal Pictures, New York (poster collection)

Three new posters designed and signed by Gilbert & George made to accompany the 2021 NEW NORMAL PICTURES exhibition at Lehmann Maupin, New York City.

Gilbert & George
New Normal Pictures, New York

Fully-illustrated and signed 60 page catalogue made to accompany the 2021 NEW NORMAL PICTURES exhibition at Lehmann Maupin, New York City.

John Sorrell
What is Design? 100 Definitions

A limited Collector’s Edition featuring 100 definitions of design by leading designers, artists and cultural innovators, with an introduction by the book’s curator John Sorrell.

Gilbert & George
Thirteen Earthly Pictures

Fully-illustrated catalogue for Gilbert & George’s THIRTEEN EARTHLY PICTURES exhibition at Baronian Xippas, Knokke, 2021.

Gilbert & George
New Normal Pictures, London (poster collection)

Four new posters designed and signed by Gilbert & George made to accompany the 2021 NEW NORMAL PICTURES exhibition at White Cube, Mason’s Yard, London.

Gilbert & George
New Normal Pictures, London

Fully-illustrated and signed 76 page catalogue made to accompany the 2021 NEW NORMAL PICTURES exhibition at White Cube Mason’s Yard, London.