Can we help you? Please read our frequently asked questions for more information on our company, print production processes, and our products and services. We love talking to clients about their projects so do not hesitate to get in touch via phone, email or social media if you don’t find the answer to your questions here.

Q- What is so special about your work?

Answer It is not company policy to produce bad work! We are proud of every book and item that leaves our studio. Our clients trust us with some of their most intimate and treasured projects. We think about the details – from the paper grain to the reaction of ink to the paper and how to best present your project. We understand the complicated processes of printing, binding and manufacturing books. This experience has been earned and we are delighted to share it with you.

We are a family company with generations of experience producing beautiful and long lasting books and other printed material. We don’t take shortcuts and use the best materials and appropriate processes for your project. We understand the book production process and will guide your project to completion.

Q- Is Hurtwood Press a printing company?

Answer No. We are a publisher and print production company. We consider how to make your book or print project from concept through to realisation using the right materials and processes to achieve your vision.

Q- Is Hurtwood Press a design studio?

Answer Design is central to producing beautiful work and we work with some of the most creative and inspirational design companies and individuals in the world. If you need assistance with design we will ensure you have the support that you need.

Q- Is Hurtwood Press a publisher?

Answer Yes. We produce beautiful books which are distributed by ACC in north America and Thames & Hudson in all other territories.

Q- Can Hurtwood Press design my book?

Answer Yes. We work with world renowned designers. 

Q- Where can I see your work?

Answer Please look at our portfolio page for some lovely examples of our favourite pieces.

Q- Do you work with international clients?

Answer Yes! We are proudly British but are delighted to work with clients from across the globe and have done so for many years – from San Francisco to Hong Kong and beyond…

Q- Help! I don’t know where to start with my project.

Answer We can assist you. We have over 40 years experience making unique and custom books of all shapes and sizes. There is nothing a cup of tea and a chat cannot sort out.

Q- How much will it cost to produce my book?

Answer We quote every job individually, contact us and tell us about your project.

Q- Can I use any kind of paper for my book?

Answer – Generally yes, but the choice of paper will have a huge impact on your book. It’s important to choose the right papers to create the best book and we can offer a lot of advice and assistance here. 

Q- What printing methods do you use and recommend?

Answer It depends on the project however we mainly use offset digital and offset lithography printing methods.

Q- What binding methods do you use?

Answer We choose the method depending on the requirements of your project. The vast majority of our books are thread sewn.

Q- How do I know if my images are high enough resolution?

Answer We recommend that you provide the highest quality images available. However, we can produce spectacular work from smart phone images. We will advise if your image is not high enough quality.

Q- How can I make my book even more special?

Answer We offer elaborate foiling, embossing, ribbons, bookmarks and boxes. The only limit is your imagination. Please view our portfolio page for inspiration.

Q- Can I go on-line to make a book or printed project?

Answer We don’t currently offer this service.

Q- How do I supply design work?

Answer We prefer packaged InDesign files and images supplied in RGB format. However, we can work with many different formats. Please call to discuss.

Q- Can I talk to you?

Answer Yes of course, we would love to discuss your project – please call us on 0203 773 4713.

Q- What is a Bespoke Book?

Answer For those extra special projects we offer a full creative and design consultation to create your own bespoke book. Some of the projects we have worked on are art books, milestone birthdays and life events as well as business achievements. We would be happy for you to visit our studio and view these examples.

Q- Do you make order of service sheets for a funerals?

Answer  Not generally but we have made them for very special public or private services. If you need help with this, please call us to discuss options on 0203 773 4713 or email us at [email protected]

Q- Do Hurtwood Press also make wedding stationery and service sheets?

Answer No, but we do make very beautiful wedding books and albums.