Hurtwood is British heritage print and publishing house, making exquisite books and prints for artists, galleries and individuals since 1972. 

The New Normal Pictures by Gilbert & George opened at White Cube in London in early April. We have a limited number of signed books and signed posters for sale. There are four unique posters; all signed and available only as a complete set. 

The fully-illustrated 76 page catalogue is signed by Gilbert & George and has an essay by writer and novelist Michael Bracewell and full colour plates of all 33 works in the exhibition. There are also four new posters, each designed by Gilbert & George and also signed by them. These four signed posters are not sold individually but only as a complete set.

The NEW NORMAL PICTURES suggest that the X-Ray Spex song ‘The Day The World Turned Day-Glo’ has come to life! Everywhere is dark yet too bright and tonal contrasts go to war with one another. In streets, alleys and vistas, the unreal city seems to rearrange time and tenses, accelerating the slow and stalling the immediate. The overlooked and thrown away reacquires visibility and meaning. The usual hierarchies reverse; discard dominates.

We’ve been working with Gilbert & George for over 20 years, you can see more of their work here.

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