Leaving a legacy

Working on any kind of memoir is hugely rewarding. Knowing that it will become part of a family’s heritage carries with it an immense sense of responsibility. We have to get this right as these books will be passed down through generations. Not only must the content be spot on, but the paper, the printing, the binding must also all stand the test of time. Visit any vintage book shop and you’ll find books that have done just that, and that is why we follow those time-honoured methods of manufacture. Many of the books we produce are image-led and this follows through to our legacy books which are often monographs, visual diaries, and memoirs documenting the work of artists and photographers. They are beautiful and poignant heirlooms.

Image courtesy of Christina Wilson

Stolen Glimpses, Christina Wilson

An ethereal collection of photographs by Christina Wilson-Elms. This exclusive, special edition book celebrates the beauty of the natural world, family, and the time that Christina and her husband Robert Elms have been living and traveling together.

Limited to an edition of 200 books these are available to buy on Christina’s website here.


This Time It’s For Real: Drawings by Paul Benjamins

A touching and poignant visual diary. Following a diagnosis of lung cancer, artist Paul Benjamins began a series of sketches illuminating his thoughts and feelings. After his death, his wife Jacqui wanted to reproduce the drawings as a limited edition book that could be sold to raise money for the hospice that had cared for him at the end of his life.

This beautiful collectors’ edition can be purchased via Paul Benjamins website.


A legacy book celebrating a sixtieth birthday

Our clients Based Upon asked us to make a unique family book as part of one of their projects for a private client, to commemorate an important anniversary. Full of aphorisms, statements, and family sayings populating over 100 pages, all printed in a beautiful pastel colour palette. Alongside the book, we made bespoke cards on which the guests are invited to write messages. The cards, along with photographs and other ephemera, are placed into the pockets in the book. The recessed area that contained the cards within the presentation box is then used to store photos from the event. Contrasting geometric patterns cut into the faces of the pockets allow whispers of the contents to be seen as you leaf through the book. Completely individual to the client it’s the most beautiful keepsake with touches of pure luxury. 

Find out more about this beautiful and complex project in our portfolio.


The Life of Charles Szlapak, a personal memoir

The captivating life story of Charles Szlapak who escaped Poland just before the Nazi invasion, arriving in Kenya with nothing. This deeply moving and at times harrowing account was written by his son Daniel and describes how his father built an East African hotel business out of a second-hand clothing shop. Privately published for friends and family.


Spider Lake, a photographic family heirloom

Professional photographers Eszter & David are based in Los Angeles and shoot astonishing photographs that give families, locations, vacations, and celebrations superstar treatment. The shoots can last several days and are meticulously researched and planned – some with lighting, location, crew, and stories arrange in advance, others unobtrusively shot within a family. Spider Lake is the final output of all this creativity – a single, unique, totally bespoke memento of a precious moment in time.

Find out more in our portfolio.


Richard Beer:Art & Life, remembering the life of an artist

This privately published book honours the life of artist Richard Beer who died in 2017 without family, but awash with friends who curated and edited this lovely limited edition book.

Richard (DIck) was a talented artist and printmaker, teacher, and great traveler, but more than all this, he was an old and dear family friend. He was born in 1928 and died in 2017 and his many friends decided to publish this book both to commemorate his life and his talent, but also to bring Dick’s work to everyone who hadn’t had the pleasure of knowing him so that they too could be swept along in his own inimitable joie de vivre.

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