A Legacy Work

Based Upon


Our clients Based Upon asked us to make a unique family book as part of one of their projects for a private client, to commemorate an important anniversary. Full of aphorisms, statements and family sayings populating over 100 pages, all printed in a beautiful pastel colour palette. Alongside the book, we made bespoke cards on which the guests are invited to write messages.The cards, along with photographs and other ephemera, are placed into the pockets in the book. The recessed area that contained the cards within the presentation box is then used to store photos from the event. Contrasting geometric patterns cut into the faces of the pockets allow whispers of the contents to be seen as you leaf through the book. Completely individual to the client it’s the most beautiful keepsake with touches of pure luxury.


The main challenge was artworking and project managing such a complex book.At regular intervals two pages were made to form a pocket, open at the fore-edge (the outer vertical edge of the pages of a book) to contain the completed cards written at the event. Die cut pages had to be accurate and fit perfectly. As an additional touch some printing (the heart and the Based Upon logo) was placed in the book gutter. At the bindery the solander (presentation) box was designed with a recess to take custom printed cards. And the final challenge? producing such a complex book to an extremely short deadline (birthdays and anniversaries tend to be a no fail option!).


  • A ‘one-off’ special edition.
  • A large oversize book full of phrases from the family.
  • Foil blocked text on individual pages throughout.
  • Die cut bold geometric shapes & cutouts on the pages reflecting geometric patterns from the original work.
  • Soft colour block digitally printed pages.
  • Special papers Peregrina Majestic, Colorplan and Mohawk Superfine.
  • Bespoke linen covered presentation box with additional recess for comment cards.
  • Artworked, produced and project managed by the Hurtwood production team.
  • Designed by the Based Upon design team.