The Friends of Hurtwood

Collaboration is at the very heart of what we do.

We are on the eve of an election that could bring potentially momentous change to lives and businesses in the UK. An election that will very likely decrease the influence of Britain within Europe. Because of this we wanted to talk about the people we work with, and for, across the world; not just the EU. People and businesses who have become our friends and with whom we will continue to work whatever happens next.

Hurtwood and Europe.

Despite our concerns about the coming election, we can still be hopeful of a future closely aligned with Europe. Because we are, and always will be, European. And while the results this week may bring a political distance between ourselves and the rest of the continent, in the future, successful trade will help narrow that gap.

Our Manifesto.

Hurtwood is, was, and always will be a company with a global outlook and we don’t need to leave the EU to prove it. We seek out the best people and businesses to partner with and we are driven by innovation, quality and talent; not location.

Even if the direction of our country changes, we won’t.

We already work with colleagues in Eire, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom & United States of America and in turn, we export our books to places as varied as Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Finland, Ghana, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Norway, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom & USA.

It takes teamwork to make beautiful books. And we want you to know we plan to keep making more of the same, no matter who is in No.10 on Friday morning.

Words: Paul Atterbury