The Hurtwood Contemporary Artist Series

Introducing the Hurtwood Contemporary Artist Series

Established in 1978, Hurtwood is a contract publisher developing, producing, publishing and distributing publications for clients in the art world and creative industries. Hurtwood is commissioned by artists, galleries, museums, arts organisations, high-net-worth individuals and creative businesses to deliver high-quality books and printed matter. Clients include Chisenhale Gallery, The Royal Academy of Arts and The Gilbert & George Centre.

The Hurtwood Contemporary Artist Series aims to spotlight a talented and diverse range of artists whether established or early in their careers. Each publication showcases a significant body of work or exhibition by a single artist with high-quality reproductions and features a foreword and an essay by leading writers and curators. Dynamic and forward-looking, Hurtwood’s Contemporary Artist Series responds to culture as it happens, documenting the work of artists working nationally and internationally today.

The series was devised and commissioned by Matt Price, Publisher at Hurtwood and Anomie, in collaboration with the Hurtwood team. The purpose of the series is to work with artists, galleries and institutions to produce, publish and distribute affordable publications easily and swiftly. The series has been designed by Agatha Smith and is distributed worldwide by Thames & Hudson, and by ACC in North America. The series editor is Eliza Scott.

For further information on prices and services contact: Eliza Scott, Series Editor, Hurtwood Contemporary Artist Series: [email protected]