Taking Measure

Neil Folberg, Fine Art Photographer


This special edition book showcasing the work of fine art photographer Neil Folberg, explores the relationship between man, nature, and the cosmos. Initially commissioned to accompany, and be sold at, his upcoming exhibition of photographs in the US, they were later to be made to order as a limited edition. Our job was to design, print and produce the book to Neil’s incredibly high standards.


Based in Israel, the artist wanted to limit his visits to the UK. This meant that all proofs, retouches, reproofs and printing had to be squeezed into a three-day visit. An added challenge was that while we planned to pre print the pages for the entire edition, to accommodate a few unique dedications we would only bind the books to order. To achieve this we managed the imposition to allow for a four page personalised section to be unobtrusively bound in.


  • A limited edition of 50 signed and numbered bespoke, large-scale books.
  • Size 330mm x 350mm.
  • 80 pages long,
  • Printed on Mohawk 176g.
  • Fully bound in black linen with a combination of silver foil blocking and clear debossed text to the front and spine.
  • During his short visit the artist signed blank sheets, which were printed after his return to Israel.
  • Covers bound on and shipped to order.
  • Winner of the digitally printed category of the British Book Design & Production awards 2017.
  • Shortlisted for Best British Book 2017.