Humanising Autonomy



UsTwo Auto lead the way in software for vehicle and driving automation. They have gathered huge amounts of research and data and took the bold decision to present this not only in downloadable PDF but also as a book. Designed to be presented to their most important or influential clients, it was vital that this was well-made, high quality, authoritative and impactful.


Beyond a clear budget and timescale, our brief was for a landscape format but flexible about every other detail. Crucially, with over 500 pages the book needed to be in a size ratio that could use the paper efficiently and with a basis weight that would make it manageable (too heavy a sheet can put huge strain on the binding of a landscape book). Extreme variations in source material – from stock photography to screen grabs and from selected colour swatches to colours embedded within EPS files – called for extensive pre-press work to increase resolution and prevent dull, flat printed colours. Consistency was the key.


  • A run of 50 books.
  • 524 pages.
  • Printed in four process colours by HP Indigo 12000.
  • Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell 118gsm paper.
  • Thread sewn in 31 sections of 16pp, one section of 12pp and a final section of 16pp (top tip – always put the odd section penultimately).
  • Naturally, grain runs parallel to the spine and the book opens and feels wonderful.
  • The text on the case is foiled in black and white.
  • The boards are 2.25mm.
  • Bound in Colorado Reno linen.