My First Dream

artists book, art book, limited edition, gallery book
artists book, art book

Muse at 269 & Diego Brambilla


My First Dream is a photo project exploring the perception of reality in the context of cultural creations. The work plays with the power of narratives and stages space exploration and imaginary planets. Diego Brambilla’s work blurs line between the real and the unreal, photography or forgery. Employing a cinematographic approach, he depicts obscure and unfamiliar places that evoke a strong sense of isolation and loneliness, engaging the viewer in a loop between a culturally-created media narrative and its audience. The book was published at the end of Diego’s time as Artist in Residence at Muse at 269 in Notting Hill, London.

The Challenge

We worked in an advisory and production role alongside the artist, the studio, and the designers to plan and deliver the book. Diego had created amazing ‘extra-terrestrial’ scenes and images using stunning lighting and dramatic effects within other-worldly settings here on Earth. Our job was to retain the colour and drama of the image without losing any of subtle detail lurking within deep shadows.We employed our own bespoke ‘curves’ (an image reproduction technique) for the creation of stable and deeply pigmented colour images. Careful colour separations and our understanding of the properties of the paper and the process allowed us to get the most out of the images. Ensuring the correct paper grain direction and sewn binding methods means the pages open and turn easily and the book is fully archival. Diego didn’t want a cloth cover but preferred to use printed paper which allowed us to keep the ambiguity of the images within on the cover. This book has gone on to win several awards and accolades.



  • A ‘Tailored’ Hurtwood book using our Portrait format 300 x 235mm.
  • Text printed on Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell 176gsm.
  • Printed paper cover.
  • Fully bound in Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell 148gsm over 2.5mm boards with matt white pigments foil on the spine.
  • Consultancy, production & print management by Hurtwood.
  • Pre press and image reproduction by Hurtwood.
  • Correct paper grain direction.
  • Archival paper and book binding methods.
  • Artist Diego Brambilla.
  • Commissioned by The Muse at 269.
  • Book Design by Studio Rubic.