A K Dolven: Moving Mountain

Collectors edition art book

Commissioned by AK Dolven

Project Outline

A book for AK Dolven, one of Norway’s most prominent artists. Dolven’s work covers many mediums, video and painting, audio, sculpture and installations and her work frequently represents natural forces and how humans interact with them.

The Challenge

The artist and designer of the book came to Hurtwood because they were having a lot of difficulty reproducing a particular series of paintings. The problem was that these were white paintings and contained many subtle shades of white. As you can imagine, reproducing white paintings on white paper is difficult to say the least!

These paintings had been reproduced before in cmyk but with very poor results. The paintings dealt with emotions and feelings and it was vital that their intricate and subtle patterns and shades be properly reproduced. Since each shade of white was perhaps only half a percent different to the next, it was no surprise that something as crude as cmyk would struggle. And besides, in what universe would you imagine it a good idea to reproduce shades of white using red, blue, yellow and black!

The Details

  • Quantity: 450
  • Printed on a 150g silk coated paper throughout
  • Size: 230 x 170mm portrait,
  • 152 pages
  • Printed offset lithography
  • Designed by Herman Lelie
  • Paper Munken Lynx Natural White 150gsm
  • Four colour process throughout. No seals, coats of varnishes applied to the work.
  • Fully bound in Suedel over 2.5mm boards.The Suedel gives the book and beautiful soft and tactile surface
  • There is a printed black & white label tipped onto the face a
  • Black matt  foil blocking to the face and spine.
  • Artwork, colour management, lithography and print production all in-house at Hurtwood.
  • If you are very lucky, you may find an exclusive edition softbound with an 8pp cover printed letterpress in two colours on BFK Rives 300g and drawn onto the text. We made a handful of these for a launch dinner ahead of the show opening and the books delivering.
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