Andy’s in Town

Marc Camille Chaimowicz


In 1975, Andy Warhol was at Foyles in London signing copies of his iconic text, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B & Back Again) Marc Camille Chaimowicz, then a recently graduated art student, had decided to attend to pay homage to one of his heroes. However, on arriving at the store, Chaimowicz was met by throngs of like-minded attendees, queuing out of the door and up the Charing Cross Road. In the line, Marc Camille began to question his actions and, feeling disgruntled at the parasitic nature of fandom, turned on his heel and left without meeting Warhol face to face. However, as was the norm for the artist, Chaimowicz had been taking photos during the wait. Over forty years later, these images have been hand printed again to form an edition of twenty silver bromide prints.

The Challenge

These are black and white images with a voyeuristic feel to them taken, as they are, through windows. To emphasise this, the designer (Stefan Kalmár, also Director of the ICA) placed solid silver panels on the pages facing the prints which took reflections of the images. We suggested a drip varnish where the chemistry of the coating applied by some presses is used to create a perfectly interlocking gloss and matt varnish effect. By using a duotone curve of black and grey we could maintain total consistency of colour whilst keeping within four colours (black, grey, silver, matt varnish) and keep costs down and quality up. Because duotones can only really be proofed on machine, we turned the scatter proof into a series of postcards – for once the proofing process also made money for the client! The final touch was the tracing paper jacket through which the label on the cover becomes visible.


  • Commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Art, London.
  • Consultancy to plan the book.
  • A ‘bespoke’ Hurtwood book.
  • Printed in duotone and silver on Novatech Silk 200g.
  • Drip coat varnish process (simultaneous matt and gloss).
  • Hardback edition fully bound in dusky pink Dubletta linen with black white pigment foil.
  • Tracing paper dustjacket to further mimic sense of ‘looking’ in from the outside.
  • We employed our own unique, bespoke curves (an image reproduction technique) for the creation of stable and consistent black and white images.
  • The paper grain runs parallel to the spine and the book opens easily.
  • Printed as a limited run of 100 signed hardback books and 1000 softbacks.
  • Text taken from New Art Editions.