What about a book?

A luxurious hand made book to be used as a property portfolio A personal corporate gift for the company director of Lloyds books new business marketing campaign

From innovative marketing campaigns to unique corporate gifts, use a book to enhance your customer relationships and help win new business.

Over the years our clients have used our books as a thank you for VIP clients, corporate gifts and as part of a media pitch to attract influencers and supporters. Many of our clients have preserved their ever growing digital content collections and showcased their product portfolios. This approach helps to tell a story about your business or product in a unique and interesting way

Sackville Street (Image 1)

Books to sell property are often lavish; attempting to represent through printing and binding the power and beauty of a building. However, in an unpredictable or rising market, it’s often better to go for fewer and better. That’s exactly what branding agency Carter Wong design did. A projected run of 1,500 books was printed in a first batch of 100 books and then re-ordered in 50s as needed. Notionally more expensive than one single run, but the property was fully sold after just 150 beautiful books! It looked like a pretty shrewd call in the client’s eyes.

Lloyds, A Corporate Gift (Image 2)

This book was made as a one-off for the outgoing CEO of Lloyds of London and came hot on the heels of an earlier book we’d made for the visit of HM the Queen to Lloyds (read that story here). The book, whilst traditionally and beautifully bound, contained a montage of cuttings, letters and pictures from an exciting and successful career as the head of the world’s insurance market. A book to be passed down the generations.

UsTwoAuto, Are We There Yet? (Image 3)

Digital Agency UsTwo asked us to produce a book for them to pitch an innovative discussion around brand, typography and comprehension within vehicle information systems (dashboards to you and me!). It was fantastic seeing how they translated a digital concept into book form, and how well how a ‘digital’ agency really understood the value of analogue.

Based Upon, Manual (Image 4)

We have collaborated with Based Upon for many years now and ‘Manual’ represents their work expressed in book form as a rolling portfolio. Each book is foil blocked on the case with the precise time and date of manufacture and each object within is similarly marked. The book is carried far and wide by Ian and Richard Abel and is a very potent way for Based Upon to influence markets and gain clients. Printed in editions of just fifty every 6–12 months these books provide a compelling story for their clients, and a permanent archive of Based Upon’s work.

Drayson Technologies Clean Space Campaign (Image 5)

Drayson Technologies wanted to tell the world about Cleanspace; their app that monitors the quality of the air we breathe, and rewards the green transport choices that people make. A book was chosen because it is permanent, recyclable and above all elegant. It has a beautifully curated editorial and graphic story. See inside the book and read more.

Brewin Dolphin (Image 6)

Commissioned by boutique branding agency Wreyford. This little promotional book was made for financial business and wealth manager Brewin Dolphin. Read more about the concept and ideas in our guest post by Nick Portet, creative director of Wreyford .