Rachel Jones: say cheeeeese

Chisenhale Gallery


say cheeeeese is the first book in our exciting new collaboration with the Chisenhale Gallery in London. As an artist-led gallery, Chisenhale has long enjoyed a reputation as a supporter and discoverer of new and exciting talent and now Hurtwood and Chisenhale have teamed up to publish new work under the Hurtwood and Chisenhale Editions imprint.


It can be difficult to publish a book. There are many different and often competing constituencies in the process as we attempt to bring an idea into the reality of a book. In the end, publishing means books in shops and on shelves and that means hitting distribution deadlines. The trick is never to allow deadlines to force bad artistic decisions. It’s an experience that recognises a bad decision.

How Hurtwood Helped

We sit at an interesting intersection between publishing, production and art. We are able to listen to the artist and ensure the needs and desires for the colour, look and feel of the book are properly and effectively translated into the production values. Our publishing and distribution experience means the books will appear on sale around the world.

As for the final result, I can’t put it better than Rachel herself: Thank you for helping me create something which feels like a sincere reflection of me as a person and an artist. I’m so thankful for what you’ve given of yourselves to this project, and I’m very proud to call this my first book.

The Details

  • Quantity: 2.000 copies
  • Format: 305 x 230 mm, landscape
  • Pages: 96 internal pages with pale pink endpapers
  • Printing: Printed in full colour by our print partners in Germany with clever use of gloss and matt varnishes and three ‘spot’ colours.
  • Paper: The text was printed using a mix of matt and gloss coated art papers as well as a beautiful, slightly textured uncoated paper. For the ends, we chose a Peregrina Majestic from GF Smith.
  • Binding: Bound by our bookbinding partners in the UK. The pages are thread sewn in sections with a printed paper hardcover. A beautiful final detail was to edge paint the pages in the same red that appeared in the paintings. A block of colour, just waiting to be opened and explored.
  • Designed by David Pearson.
  • The artist Rachel Jones wanted to give everyone who bought the book a surprise -so she designed a small work as a sticker. Delicately die cut to shape, this was placed at the front of the book. Unadvertised, it’s Rachel’s gift to the buyer.
  • Print production, artwork and project management in-house at Hurtwood.
  • Published by Hurtwood (ISBN 9780903696548).
  • The book can be purchased in-store in Hatchards (Piccadilly and St. Pancras) and on their website here.  Also in all good bookshops and online everywhere.